Ice advisors in the Baltic Sea, on Northern Sea Route, Canadian Polar waters

We would like to introduce our group of companies “Baltic Ice Advisors Tallinn OÜ” & SIA “Baltic Ice Advisors”.

About Us

Since the moment of founding our companies providing qualified Marine Ice Pilots & Advisors to international shipowners and charterers in Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of St Lawrence (Canada) and Baffin bay + ice-advisory & ice-piloting service for vessels operating in Arctic Ocean (on Northern Sea Route) and the adjacent areas.

At the request of the customer, we provide Chief engineer ice-advisors to monitor / assist / advise main engine operation during navigation in ice. Deep-sea pilotage on request can be arranged as well.

All our Ice pilots have extensive experience in Arctic ice conditions, our professionals are employed or former masters of the transport vessels (dry cargo ships, tankers and suppliers) and ice breakers (including nuclear icebreakers). All of them have much experience in various fields of shipping., and well-know features of navigation in ice conditions in the Arctic and in the freezing seas.

We provide general risk analysis for Arctic operations, routing planning advice and ice-navigation services to suit specialized client requirements.

We have put all efforts to establish a highly professional team, which is able to solve any logistic matters you set at the earliest possible time. We always keep in mind that you have chosen our Holding by entrusting protection of your interests and we are aware of the responsibility we bear.

Ice Advisors

Our staff works for you


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and are ready to render you the utmost professional and highest quality service.

Our services

Our Advantages

Presently our staff consists of more than 30 experienced ice-advisors with extensive experience in ice navigation 10-30 years.
Our ice advisors always share their experience and skill with the Master, Bridge and Engine Teams, for their future practice.
The primary focus of all our employees is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction offering Ice Navigation, Pilotage and Advisory services.

Our strategy is to provide shipowners and charterers a complete service that addresses all aspects of the vessels operation before and while operating in Arctic waters.
The mission of our holding is to provide a group of experts in ice navigation with expert knowledge and skills to assist vessels getting to their destination safely and in the most expeditious manner to meet the vessels commitments to its customers.

All our ice-advisors are boarding the vessels with valid PCR test and all required safety measures are taken during whole period of their service.

Ice pilotage in Baltic Sea, White, Barents seas, Canadian Arctic and Northern Sea Route (NSR) for all kinds of ships which navigate under the ice breaker’s assistance or not.

Every Ice Navigator’s objective is to provide an efficient, safe voyage and protect the Owners / Charterers interest to the highest level possible.

Our main customers are

Oldendorff Carriers
Trafigura Maritime Logistics
Norient Product Pool
Minoa Marine Limited
Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers
Golden Ocean Group
Glencore International AG
and others…

We remain always at your disposal and looking forward to cooperate.